from 11-01-2015 at 08:57 am
This young couple did language study on an Island near Malaysia. They are now in Malaysia. They have a three month visa but the Immigration gave them only a one month stam
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Staigmiller's News 262
from 02-07-2018 at 6:45 pm


  1. Deputation
  2. Andreas will teach a seminar on preaching in our church in Schwendi on February 10th.
    On the 12th we will hold a children day in our church in Neu-Ulm we expect around 35 children.
  3. Philippines
  4. Our colleagues are working on the year end paper work for the government
    Over easter will be the Alumni-Bible-Conference.
    In June will be the internship for our students.
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LRF and Students
Weekend Programs
from 08-08-2016 at 07:54 am
We changed the way we do our weekend program this school year. Here a brief overview for your prayers:
  • Teacher for Amos and Asaf starting August 2018

  • For the finances of the LRF, the support dropped over the last few month.

  • For the peace and order situation because of the war in Marawi.

  • The tax ecxemption for the LRF. Our CPA is working on it but it seams rather complicated.

  • answered prayer:
  • For new students for the next school year starting August 2017. So far we have 1 application.

  • Furlough Germany 2017/18: Appartment, Car, Bicyles for boys, higher cost of living

  • Bible study: Mike and Sisil, Reboy and Jihara, Randolf and Familie

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