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Staigmiller's News 266 from 06-30-2018 at 00.55 A.M. CET


  1. Deputation
    – Going back to the Philippines

    July will be less
    busy with deputation, but we will have to move out from our

    Our flight will be on August 13 at
    22.35 from Munich to Manila via Dubai.

    Our commissioning service will be held
    on July 21st at 2pm. You are welcome to join!

  2. Philippines

    Students will come back from their internship on July 1 and
    The financial situation of the LRF – How can we raise more
    support – please watch the new movie our colleagues in the
    Philippines made.

    Promotional Video

    students for August 2018

    English Teacher for August 2018


Thank you so much for your prayers for
our time in Germany. It has been so good to meet many friends, family
and find new prayer partners and supporters.

We would like to invite you to
pray for the following ministries and preparations:


Sermon in Schwendi




Sermon in Neu-Ulm

July 21
2 pm to 5 pm

Commissioning service at the Bibelgemeinde Neu-Ulm. Please come
and join us!!


Packing everything, taking furniture apart ……


Moving out from our apartment.



8/13 at 10.35 pm

Our flight goes back to the Philippines – Munich – Dubai -

Philippines LRF

All eight students are coming back July 1 and to from
internship in two different locations in Mindanao.
They had a great time and got even more encouraged for the ministry.
We will share reports as soon as we get them.

Please pray for the financial situation of the LRF. We
would like to broaden our support network and need wisdom and
guidance from God on how to do this. A friend of our colleague in the
US came and made a video footage. I will attache a link of the
Beta-Version for you to watch and share. As soon as we get the final
version, I will let you know.
Here is the link: LRF
Promotional Video
– Would are welcome to share the video with
your friends (but please don’t post it on the internet).

We got already two (2) applications for the new
school year in August
and we know about others who are
interested. Please pray for our staff as they are out again this
weekend for promotion of the school. We would like to get 15 new
students for this school year and are eager to see how the Lord

We need an English teacher
for the LRF
students from August 2018 till June 2019. Do you know
somebody who might be part of the time or the whole time available?

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