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Staigmiller's News 262 from 02-07-2018 at 6.45 P.M. CET


  1. Deputation

  2. Andreas will teach a seminar on preaching in our church in Schwendi on February 10th.
    On the 12th we will hold a children day in our church in Neu-Ulm we expect around 35 children.

  3. Philippines

  4. Our colleagues are working on the year end paper work for the government
    Over easter will be the Alumni-Bible-Conference.
    In June will be the internship for our students.

  5. Family

  6. We will visit Angela's family from February 14 to 18 in Middle Germany.
    We still have NO tutor for the next school year for Amos and Asaf.
    Amos' broken arm healed well and the doctor took the casing of yesterday.
    Angela's stay at a health resort got approved by our health insurance.


Last night I, Andreas, was reporting in a new church. It was a little church with about 20 people. We had such a good fellowship and we praise God for this time of mutual encouragement
We would like to invite you to pray for the following ministries and preparations:

2/10 and 3/10 Seminar for Preachers - The Homiletical Bridge
2/12 Children Festival in Neu-Ulm
2/14-17 Neukirchen/Vluyn
2/18 Prayer Day DMG Sinsheim
2/22 Prayer meeting and Bible study in Schwendi
2/25 Sermon and Report in Memmingen
2/28 Missions Report Göppingen
3/1 Angela - women's bible study Neu-Ulm
3/4 Sermon and Report in Füssen
3/5-8 Work at the DMG center (remodeling of missionary apartments)
3/10 Seminar for preachers part 2
3/15 Prayer meeting and Bible study in Schwendi
3/17 Alumni gathering of bible school class
3/18 Sermon and report in Singen
3/23-25 Teaching at men's retreat
3/30 Preaching in Schwendi
4/3-7 Missionary Retreat at DMG Sinsheim
4/9-30 Angela at health resort
4/13-15 Teaching at church retreat

Philippines LRF

Our colleagues are working on the year end finances and paper work for the government. They need a lot of wisdom and energy.
The last week of March will be the Alumni-Bible-Conference. Preparations started already. Pray for God's guidance and that the alumni will be encouraged by God's word.
Our former colleague Terry will be teaching. Pray also for his preparations and his wife who is just recovering from a difficult surgery.
In June will be the internship of our students. Richard is looking for a places to go and we still pray for the financial support for this time.


We still have no tutor for Amos and Asaf for the time when we go back to the Philippines in August. Would you please pray for faith for us and God's provision in his time. We cannot imagine doing it again ourselves. We German speeking high-school graduate or retired teacher.

We are so glad, that Angela got the treatments at the health resort in the Black Forest approved. She will be in St. Blasien from April 9 to 30.
Andreas will have unpaid vacation so he can look for the boys and household. We are so glad that the insurance will pay him for this time.

Thank you for standing with us and the LRF in your prayers.

The Staigmiller Family
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