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Staigmiller's News 257 from 07-11-2017 at 11.23 A.M. CET


  1. We are back home

  2. We are back in Iligan since July 2nd and prepare for the new school year and our furlough.
  3. Open Doors for the Gospel
  4. Some of our alumni and teachers are almost everyday in some of the evacuation centers handing out crisis kits and counseling some of the kids.

  5. New staff and students

  6. Due to the war in Marawi the new staff did not move to the LRF yet and prospected students for 1st year may not come.

  7. Team-Retreat

  8. From July 18 to 20 we will meet to evaluate the last school year and plan for the next year.

  9. Construction

  10. The project are making progress:

    • Three appartments got repainted and the kitchen got started.

    • The Sunday-School building and guard house is taking shape.

    • The Remodeling of the retreat and conference center will be started this week.

    We still lack some of the finances.

  11. Less Emails more updates by WhatsApp.

  12. If you like to get short updates through WhatsApp please let us know +63 926 640 0518 (Andreas). If you like to get in touch with Angela this is her number: +63 627 874 2375.

Detailed Report:

Back Home

It is so good to be back home after three weeks in Cagayan. When we had been ready to return Angela got sick with an erysipelas and I, Andreas, got a distorted, sprained ankle. We are thankful that we are doing better now. God has given us this time in Cagayan to get some needed rest and catch up on some work on the computer. We are proud for our staff at the LRF handled things very well and did a great job while we had been of campus.
We have only 5 weeks left until we will leave for Germany. There is still a lot to prepare and we value your prayers!

Open Doors

Some of our alumni and teachers are almost every day in the evacuation centers to distribute crisis kits, food packages and counseling some children and giving Bibles to interested people. The displaced people are very bored because they have nothing to do and are very happy for spiritual input. They also took the mobile clinic to an evacuation center.We believe that God is using this war to draw people to Jesus. Please pray for the ongoing outreaches and also as plans start on how to follow up with the people when they move back to their places, where many may have to stay in temporary shelters until the city is rebuild.

New staff and students

The new staff family was expected to arrive two weeks ago, but because we had not been back and the ongoing war in Marawi they delayed their move. For over a week we are trying to get in touch with them, but in there place there is no cellphone signal. We heard also from others that they are very scared about coming to Iligan. Maybe God has other plans, please pray for God's guidance we want his will to be done.
We had about 6 or 7 potential students for 1st year but some of them will not come, because they finish college first, which is very good, some might be scarred and others the family doesn't allows it. So far we have one application. Would you pray with us for wisdom where and how we should recruit more.


From July 18 to 20 we will meet as a team together with our board president and Christar leader to evaluate the past year and plan for the next year. We also need to update our contingency plan. Would you pray for divine wisdom and guidance for those days.


Painting Jobs:

Our kitchen and some of the staff apartments need new paint. They apartments are done and the kitchen is in progress. We are glad for an alumni and a man from the village who are doing this job.
The construction of the new Sunday-School building makes good progress. They will poor the floor this week.
Remodeling of Retreat Center
The engineer was here last Friday and we went over the new plans. Our last English teacher, Janis, who is an architect made some nice drawings. We are now make rooms for 6 families. She also suggested that we would build a second stairway as an emergency exit. This will make the whole project more expensive then we had planned. Would you pray that God would provide the need $10,000 for this projects.

Vielen Dank für Eure Gebete für unseren Dienst hier!

Mit ganz lieben Grüßen
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