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Staigmiller's News 282 from 07-16-2019 at 5.20 P.M. CET


  1. LRF

  2. We have three aplications for the new school year, starting this Friday July 19th.
    God's wonderful provision.

  3. Personal Situation

  4. The time in Malaysia was very helpful. The challenge is to apply the heard in our lives.

  5. Angela's Femur

  6. The pain in the knee is almost gone! PTL!

  7. calendar

  8. July 19 arrival of students at LRF
    1. quarter of class till Septemer 27
    August 6 to 15 visitors from Germany
    August 13 Daniel the new tutor for Amos and Asaf will arrive
    We will have a couple and the councilor we visited in Malaysia coming to the LRF the whole month of November for us, the staff and alumni. Please pray for the preparations which already start.


We got three applications of female students for the new school year. This is an answer to prayer. We would wish at the same time to have some more students. We have no idea where they would come from but our God does miracles.
We praise God for different people who supported the LRF financially over the last couple weeks, so that we can operate the school for a few month. This helps also to get the balance of the bank account back to where the board asked it to be.
We had an open case with the BIR (tax authorities). We are glad it was only a form that has not been submitted and the problem could easily be solved. PTL.
Today we met with the three couples living with us on campus. They shared about their experiences about the time when we had not been here. One said: "I was afraid, that Andreas and Angela might not come back and that we will not have any students for next school year. So I work hard sharing it on Facebook with many churches. My husband got angry with me and said, just trust God he will bring in the ones who should come." Another shared: "God reminded me to trust him. Our motor bike was broken. We had lots of trouble. I need to learn to trust him more." One reported, that the principal of the elementary school is eagerly waiting for our students to come back to teach value classes. Our staff and some people from the church are doing it but they are a small group. It would be sad if we had only 3 new students to replace the 7 who graduated. But God has a plan, even if we do not understand.
All three couples had been out at the weekends in different church to share about the burden of the LRF. The had been warmly welcomed and the pastors promised that they will pray for us, but they have no students for us at the moment.
We also made a plan to improve our promotion this coming school year. We like to put teams together of staff and alumni to visit churches regularly to keep the LRF in their minds. Please pray that we would be led by the holly Spirit in this.

Personal Situation

Thank you very much for your prayers for our time in Malaysia. God gave us save travel and we got back Sunday afternoon.
The wife of our leader there watched Amos and Asaf almost every day. This gave us time to meet with our leader, Tom, and the councilor, Dorothy. We watched different Videos to the subject of stress, burn out and leadership development. We realized that I, Andreas, are close to a burn out and that I have many stress symptoms.
It was good to talk about our situation, what we feel, experience and about wrong thinking. You could pray for us that we would grow in the following areas:

There would be much more to share, that is going on in my mind. One thing that became important to me is what I started in January and the it got lost again was: Taking half a day every week to be silent, pray, read, meditate and journal about what is going on and what God wants to teach me.
An author describes in a book which I read, that we face walls in our spiritual life and we have to go through them. Some call it the dark night of the soul. We don't understand God what he is doing (Why do we not have more students? Why am I so weak? Why broke Angela her leg?) The wall is often a crises in our lives. We experience that our faith does not work any more. We have more questions than answers. Some Some bounce back from the wall into their old lives. They leave the ministry, church, job... But the author says if we persevere God is doing a work of purification in our lives and puts something new in our relationship with him (He uses Job as an example). Therefor we like to trust our God, that he is doing his good work. I have to learn to say with Paul, when I am weak I am strong. (I don't like this. I like to be in control.) I believe we are somewhere in the middle of this dark time and trust that God will bring us to the other side of the valley of death. Sometimes I like to quite but God was faithful, is faithful and will be.

Angela's leg

We are very thankful for all your prayers for Angela. She is doing much better. The pain in her knee is much less. She made it even through a day walking in Kuala Lumpur. Thank you for praying for perseverance for her and that she would be pain free.

Thank you for working with us on one team in reaching the least reached so that everybody will hear the Good News.

Yours in ChristThe 4 As
Andreas, Angela, Amos and Asaf
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