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Prayer-Feed Prayer-Feed

Staigmiller's News 264 from 04-20-2018 at 6.17 P.M. CET


  1. Deputation

    We had great opportunities to serve and share about God‘s
    work. May will be filled with some traveling.

  2. Philippines

    The annual report for the government is submitted.
    internship in June.
    The financial situation of the LRF – How
    can we raise more support.
    Farm – good harvest and
    New students for August 2018
    English Teacher for August 2018

  3. Family We will visit Angela's
    family from February 14 to 18 in Middle Germany.
    We still have
    NO tutor for the next school year for Amos and Asaf.
    broken arm healed well and the doctor took the casing of
    Angela's stay at a health resort got approved by our
    health insurance.

  4. Going Home We will fly back to the
    Philippines on August 13th. There are still some preparations to do.


Andreas with Amos and Asaf joined a
church camp last weekend. We had great fellowship at a Christian
Guesthouse in the wonderful German Alps. It was a great blessing for
us to spend this extended to make new friends.

We would like to invite you to
pray for the following ministries and preparations:


Angela at health resort


Leadership change at the DMG. Detlef Blöcher will retire and
the tandem Günther Beck and Andrew Howes will be instated.


Report in Rot


Prayer meeting and Bible Study in Schwendi

5/3 to 9

Preparations for DMG spring festival in Sinsheim

May 6

SMG Spring festival at the Buchenauerhof in Sinsheim

5/11 to 13

TCK – camp for Amos and Asaf


Missions Report at the seniors residence of the DMG

5/22 to 28

Berlin – Reports and Visitation

5/30 to 6/3

Church Camp with our sending church – Andreas has 8 messages
about prayer


Sermon in Schwendi

This is the time where we need to gather our documents for the
next visa application


Missions report in Neu-Hütten


Ladies’ breakfast – Angela teaching


Sermon in Neu-Ulm


Sermon in Schwendi

July 21

2 pm to 5 pm

Commissioning service at the Bibelgemeinde Neu-Ulm. Please come
and join us!!


Sermon in Neu-Ulm


Moving our from our appartment.



8/13 at 10.35 pm

Our flight goes back to the Philippines – Munich – Dubai -

Philippines LRF

The annual financial report for the government finance
department is submitted. Now they are working on the report for the
SEC. Please pray specially for Richard who does this the first time.

The ABC conference with many alumni had been a blessing for
everybody. Short before arrived Ken and Kathy who are acting as
interim director, teaching English and refurbishing the computer
network. Thank you for your donations for this project.

In June will be the internship for all 8 students. They
will join experienced alumni from the LRF for couple weeks to get
first hand experience for their future. The will go to a team on an
island in the Sulu Sea and a team in Davao. Please pray for their
preparations and finances we still need around $600 for the cost of
that trip.

Please pray for the financial situation of the LRF. First
for the farm. We had a big loss due to the typhoon in December. Pray
for recovering of the plants and a good harvest of the fruits and
vegetables. Then we need ideas how to promote the school and do some
more fund raising.

For the new school year starting
in August we would need an English teacher. If you know somebody who
would give on year for the least reached, please let us know.

Please also pray for new
students for August.
There will be more promotions going on in
June/July. We would like to ask God for 10 to 15 students.


We praise God, we have a
tutor for Amos and Asaf. Benjamin Nothaft will be coming in August to
teach the boys. PTL

Angela is at the health resort in the Black Forest
till April 30th. The treatments are helping her to loose
liquid from her feet. We are looking forward to picking her up at the
long weekend April 27 to May 1.

Going Back to the

We will leave Germany on August 13th. We are still
looking for a room where we could store our furniture and other
We also need to apply for a new visa when we
get back and need to get some paperwork done here in Germany.
also send some documents to the Philippines. They are since February
at the main office of the Philippine postal service in Manila and
should be forwarded to our travel agency. We need faith to trust God
for his timing.

Thank you for standing with us and the LRF in your prayers.

The Staigmiller Family

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