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Staigmiller's News 284 from 09-13-2019 at 09.17 A.M. CET


  1. Answered Prayer - Bimbim

  2. Changed life of Bimbim the husband of our kitchen staff Merelen.

  3. Personal Situation

  4. Continue to pray for wisdom to balance our time with God, People, Family ...
    We praise God for the arrival of Daniel.

  5. Angela's Femur

  6. Angela is almost without pain and walks almost normal.

  7. calendar - upcoming events for prayer

  8. 1. quarter of class till Septemer 27
    September 19, Andreas teaching at Christar-Pre-Departure-Orientation about Sexual Purity
    September 22 to 29, Nadiya-Shashadara "Fox" Dasa will be visiting us at the LRF
    September 30 to October 6, Students have CEF training 2 (Child-Evangelism-Fellowship)
    October 8, 2nd quarter of class starts with a prayer day
    October 25 to 27, Andreas will be teaching a seminar at a church in Dipolog
    Group of councilors visiting at LRF November/December

Answered Prayer Bimbim

Some of you have been praying for our kitchen staff and their husbands for many years. Bimbim, the husband of Merelen. Had Bible studies and conversions before and always fell back into his old life.
A couple month ago he must have had a real encounter with Jesus. His wife testifies that his character changed and he asked students to teach Bible study in his home. So our student couple Jun and Mara are there every week. Together with his wife he sings special numbers during the church service. Praise God with us for his miraculous deeds.

Personal Situation

I, Andreas, am trying to have a more regular time with Jesus and having at least half a day every week of campus (did not happen this week and I feel already how the old tension and restlessness comes back). I am spending time in prayer, meditating on the Bible and reading books.
Angela tries to have some extended time with Jesus at home.
Please pray for our relationship as a couple we feel that we are both under a lot of pressure and this takes its toll.
We thank God for Daniel who is tutoring Amos and Asaf this year. He arrived a month ago and got well adjusted. Because the school materials for Asaf arrived just the other day and Amos' is not here yet, they had more time to do fun things together.

Angela's leg

We praise God that after 11 month Angela's is almost pain free. She walks almost like before the accident. This is a wonder in our eyes and we praise God for it. So this might be the last update about it.

Upcoming Events - Prayer Concerns

Christar PDO

Next week will be the Christar Pre-Departure-Orientatin at the retreat house at the LRF. Andreas will be teaching on September 19 on the subject of sexual purity. He did not have time yet to prepare and never taught on the subject before. He needs lots of wisdom and doesn't know when to study....

Visit from Nadiya-Shashadara

Nadiya-Shashadara alias "Fox" will be visiting us from September 22 to 29. He and his wife Joy with their two children will be joining the LRF team next year. He could be the next director of the LRF, if God continues to affirm the decisions.
Please pray for wisdom that he will get a good idea about what God is doing here. We will also meet with the LRF board, staff, students, and alumni.

CEF training

From September 30 to October 5 the CEF-Iligan City team will be teaching our students the course "Teaching Children Effectively Level 2" (they had level 1 last year). This will be very full week for our students.

Start of 2nd Quarter

On October 8 the new quarter of class with new teachers and schedule will start. This is always an adjustment for the students and teachers.
Please pray for our teachers as they prepare for the classes. Some of them are teaching their subject for the first time.

Disciple Making Seminar

I, Andreas, got invited to teach at a church in Dipolog in October on the subject of Disciple Making. I have half a day to teach please pray for the preparations, that God would lead and guide me in the decision what to teach and how to present it. I hope it will edify the participants and also bear fruit in their life reaching out to the least reached.

Thank you for working with us on one team in reaching the least reached so that everybody will hear the Good News.

Yours in ChristThe 4 As
Andreas, Angela, Amos and Asaf
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