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Staigmiller's News 269 from 09-07-2018 at 6.26 P.M. CET


  1. English Teacher - Prayer Answered

  2. Thank you for your prayers. God answered and we have a teacher we did not expect.
  3. Weekly Outreach

  4. Our students go every Saturday in a catholic village. Now they get some opposition there.
    On Sundays they go to a muslim village about 2 hours from here. They teach sewing and reading and writing.
  5. Visa

  6. We are in the application process for our missionary visa which expired while we had been in Germany.
  7. Our Students

  8. We have 14 highly motivated students and ask you to pray for their spiritual growth according to Ephesians 1.
  9. Richel needs Operation

  10. Angelas househelper as bad problems with her tonsils and needs an expensive operation soon.

English Teacher - Prayer Answered

Angela started teaching English after I asked her during a team meeting. She enjoys it a lot and we are so glad they she took this challenge on herself. It is a lot of preparation as she does a lot of research on the internet for exercises to do with the students.
Please pray for strength and wisdom for her.

Weekly Outreach

On Saturdays the students go the a catholic village where they have Bible studies and children clubs. Since the summer break the situation changed and the people walk away from them and are not at home or hide when the students come.
Last week they came very discouraged back from there. I believe this is an important part of the training at the LRF to learn how to deal with discouragement and opposition.
Pray for our students go get new strength and wisdom how to continue.

We are in the process of filling up our visa applications. Pray that we would do it right, use the right forms and that we would be granted a 3 year visa. This would be a blessing. Usually we get a 1 or 2 year visa.

Our Students

We have 14 highly motivated students:
1st year: Rody, Christine, Precy, Jenalyn and Mara and Jun (married to each other)
2nd year: DenMart and Rhiendy
3rd year: Daniel, Johnson, Maymay, Janice, Charmaine, Gretchen
Please pray for them as some are homesick and are still adjusting. We wish that they would grow in the knowledge of our lord Jesus.

Richel needs Operation

Angelas househelper and wife of one of our elders has sometimes problems swallowing. The doctor told her that her tonsils broke open and the food gets stuck in there. She will need an operation soon. They don't have the necessary funds. It would be easy for us the give them money. But we feel that we should pray for God to show his mighty hand in this situation. Would you pray for wisdom for us and for a miracle so that the anbelieving parents would see God's mighty hand.

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