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Staigmiller's News 275 from 01-09-2019 at 07.52 A.M. CET


  1. Angela's leg

  2. It may take another 3 month until she can put full weight on her leg.

  3. Support Group for LRF

  4. We are grateful for people who are starting to support the ministry monthly and others with one time gifts and prayers!

  5. Annual Reports

  6. We hat a one day team retreat which was very encouraging reviewing the last year and making plans for this year.

  7. Bible Month

  8. Our president declared January as Bible Month.

  9. Classes

  10. Next week we are going to have a CEF training and the next week starts a new class schedule.

  11. Farm - Wisdom needed

  12. We are going to plant more vegetables.
    We had a meeting with the director of DTI about Virgin Coconut Oil production

Angela's leg improves

It is kind of a stressful situation with Angela still bound to the wheel chair and crutches. The whole family is sometimes frustrated with the situation. Please pray for patience for all of us.
We still go to physical therapy three times a week which is always a hassle until we get to the hospital and back home.

LRF support group

We are very thankful for you our prayer partners and supporters. God is faithful any some started giving one time gifts and others started with monthly support.
This is why we had been able to adjust the salaries to the government requirements. Thank you!!!!!! Please continue to pray that God would provide the needs coming up this year.

Team Retreat - Report

Last Friday we met as a team for one full day to look back on what God has done and plan for the new year.
Here are some of the topics we discussed:
We got six new students last year and all 14 came back yesterday from Christmas break.
Our new staff family adjusted well to the team and ministry even it had been difficult at the beginning.
The income from the farm almost doubled.
We have very motivated students who are willing to learn. The first year students are more and more adjusting to live on campus.
Our retreat house is often used by visitors and alumni and for seminars.
All students who graduated in 2017 are faithful in their churches and ministries. This is so encouraging.

planning for 2019
We would like the team to visit 7 to 10 churches to promote the LRF so that they would send students.
We will have a youth camp this coming April.
We like to promote the retreat house to churches and alumni.
We need house parents for the retreat. Our staff is overloaded with their normal work and we would like a family or couple who would live in the retreat house and manage it.
There are a couple of repairs needed this year. Some of the roofs of the buildings are very rusty and may start leaking soon. The main building needs some paint. It has not been repainted since the construction 17 years ago.

Some of our students asked for financial assistance they are from indigence families. We did not find a supporter yet for 3 of them. Please pray that God would bring us in touch with people who are willing to support them.

Bible Month

President Duderte cleared January as Bible Month. We would like to take advantage and distribute together with the Gideons Bibles in the elementary school, where our students teach values every week. We will talk to the principal tomorrow.
We would also like to encourage the people in our village to read the Bible. Many are afraid because they believe that reading the Bible makes you crazy.


Next week is work week for third year and CEF seminar for 1st and 2nd year. Pray for a successful and encouraging time for the students.
The following week we start a new class schedule. Angela will continue teaching English and I, Andreas, will start teaching Advanced Expository Preaching and together with Marylan - Building a support team and communication with your support team.


We are going to develop an area of the farm that had been neglected so far. The students planted fruit trees during our furlough and now we will plant vegetables and feeds for our chicken and goats between the little trees. We plan to prepare the land next week and hire workers from the village. It is difficult to find people who are willing to work because most of them are working in construction in town. Did we write already that we got chicken? They are doing very well.
This morning our board president and I had a talk with the director of the Department of Trade and Industry about the production of virgin coconut oil. He is very excited to help us in this area. I expect that we might have to build something on the long run and buy needed equipment. First we will request for training on our premises. Please pray that God would bring everything together for his glory. It will be exciting to see how this develops.

Thank you for all your support through prayers and any other way in 2018. May our father in heaven bless you as we move into the year 2019.
YoursThe 4 As
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