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Staigmiller's News 272 from 10-22-2018 at 10.43 A.M. CET


There was a problem and some didn't get the mail. 2nd try.

  1. Angela in Hospital

  2. Angela broke her leg on Friday afternoon and is in the operation room at the moment to get her upper leg bone fixed.
  3. Support Group for LRF

  4. Would you continue to pray for this and how we could spread the news about the ministry here. We would need around $300-400 monthly.
  5. Visa

  6. The paperwork is complete and submitted to the Bureau of Immigration. Now we are waiting for their response.
  7. Different Meetings

  8. The meetings went well. Thank you so much for your prayers.
  9. New Quarter at LRF - New Schedule

  10. Tomorrow starts a new school quarter. The students will have new subjects which is always an adjustment.

Angela in Hospital

Angela fell on Friday afternoon and broke her upper leg. She is in the OR as I am writing this. It took so long to get the operation, because doctors here don't do operations on the weekend and also the nails had to be ordered first.
I am able to stay with Angela at the hospital. Amos and Asaf are at home with their teacher Benni. It is very hard on them and specially Asaf misses his parents badly.
We know that this is part of God's divine and perfect plan for us. But sometimes it is just in our head and not in our heart. Pray that we would be a blessing and encouragement for the people watching us.
I will not have time to write update emails. But I will post updates on our Whats-App status. Angela will be back on Facebook as soon as she is up to.

LRF support group

Please pray for us as we seek God's direction in how to include more people into partnering with our ministry. I have a couple action points from the board meeting (some of them outside of my expertise). Thank you if you continue to pray for this.
Our students are from poor families and background and cannot pay the cost for the school. So we are sponsoring them because we learned in the past, that they make great missionaries especially in the rural areas of the Philippines.
If you have ideas for us please do not hesitate to share them with us.


Nothing new here. Still waiting.

Different Meetings

We had a great meeting with our field leadership. We are encouraged by what God is doing through the different teams. We will meet more often and work closer together to reach the least reached in the Philippines.
The board meeting went well to. Our main focus was on the strain financial situation. We had to bring the meeting to a quick end because I had to leave and meet Angela at the hospital.

New Quarter - New Schedule

Tomorrow will be a day of prayer and fasting as we start a new schedule. Please pray that staff and students would be encouraged for the coming weeks of classes.
Angela would have to teach English 6 hours and I am supposed to teach Church History. We are very thankful for our Filipino Co-Missionaries in Chrisar offered to teach this classes until we are out from the hospital. Thank you Lord.

We are looking forward to hearing form you all what you think about you becoming a promoter for the LRF.

YoursThe 4 As
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