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Staigmiller's News 304 from 04-13-2021 at 1.52 P.M. CET


  1. Praise God

  2. God's work in the lives of the people we work with. Today - Allan and Jenefer
    Repairs - 2nd Solar-Inverter on its way
    Video showing

  3. Outlook

  4. The arrival of the new director and family - postponed.....
    The turn over of management to Fox and his family - how and when??
    Graduation and exposure of 3rd year students????
    New students for next year - how to promote?

  5. Family

  6. School of Amos and Asaf.
    Our transfer to Germany in July.
    A shipping company for the things we would like to take back.
    The farewell and goodbyes.

Praise God

Allan and Jenefer had been the first believers here in Fatima. For many years Allan was up and down, on and off in his spiritual live. For a quit a while he is coming faithfully to church and even the men gatherings. We have seen a huge change in the live of his wife. Before she was pushing her husband until she learned how to be a wife according to biblical measures. Then instead of pushing her husband she prayed more for him and God started to work in both their lives. It is so exciting to see how God changes people.

Due to the generous giving of a few friends of the LRF, we had been able to do some more repair work. At one building the toilet wouldn't train and we discovered that the roots of the trees totally blocked the pipes. But it could be all repaired and the apartment is ready for the new director and his family to move in.

On Good Friday we set up an open air cinema and invited the neighbors to an evangelistic movie. We had been surprised that even with some rain how many people came. Some of them even showed up for church service since.

Outlook the next few months

Fox and Joy with their children's flights got canceled because the Philippines closed their borders again. We do not know when they will be able to come. This is very challenging for all of us and we are glad for your prayers. We know that God is in control, but we need wisdom how to handle the situation and to understand what his plans are.

Fox and Andreas started to meet only to start the turn over process. Please pray for this whole undertaking. We can do some things online, but it would be much easier face to face.
On April 24, we will have a board meeting to discuss a contingency plan in case the Dasa family will not arrive before we leave.

We have a graduation scheduled for May 17, 2021. And the students are supposed to go on a 10 day exposure to our neighboring province. For the last couple days the Covid cases in Iligan went steadily up. We do not know how this will impact our plans and if the government will implement restricts.

We have already 3 people who are interested to enroll for next school year. Please pray that God would put together a nice group.


We praise God faithfulness. Amos and Asaf continue with the self-studies in their correspondence courses. There is a lot of stuff where they need our help and we are trying to juggle our time. It is a challenge to encourage them to do their assignment.

Please also pray for wisdom, I emailed a couple shipping companies, but there is no response. Not sure if they don't ship to Germany at the moment.

Thinking about leaving is very hard for all of us.

We are in touch with a church in Germany who would like us to move into an apartment near by them and help out in their ministry. It is a small church and they have only voluntary staff. So not sure how this would look like for us and how we would be supported. But God has a plan and we ask for unity in our decision as a family.

Thank you for praying for us!!!!

The 4 As
Andreas, Angela, Amos and Asaf

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