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Staigmiller's News 291 from 03-27-2020 at 10.03 P.M. CET


  1. Current Situation

  2. Extended Community Quarantine
    Tutor of Amos and Asaf back in Germany
    Alumni seeks refuge
    LRF - Emergency Program

  3. Schedule for prayer

  4. March 8 - Promotion of the LRF in 4 churches - went very well - some are interested in coming as students
    Christar Focus Group Council Meeting on March 14 - God blessed our time - due to COVID-19 lots of open questions
    LRF Alumni Bible Conference (ABC) April 6 to 9 - had to be canceled
    LRF Youth Camp April 27 to 30 - not sure if it will happen
    Graduation of Dhien Mart May 16 - not sure what will happen
    Exposure Trip 2nd year students Mai/June - not sure what will happen
    Focus-Group-Retreat May 26 to 29 - not sure if it will be possible

  5. Further Prayer Request

  6. English teacher starting July 2020
    Our trip to Europe in July/August
    Translation of "Spiritual Survival Handbook for Cross-Cultural Workers" to Cebuano
    Maintenance and Repairs
    Tutor for Amos and Asaf for 2020/21

Current Situation

Extended Community Quarantine

Our City is under an extended community quarantine. This means nobody gets in our out from the city. One of each family got a quarantine pass to go to town for shopping. Only food and medicine stores are open.
So we are more or less grounded at the LRF. But we praise God for 12 ha of land so we still can get out from the house, without get to close to anybody.

Tutor of Amos and Asaf back in Germany

Because of corona the whole short term program of our mission had to be canceled and all the shor termers had been called home. The tutor for our two boys Daniel was able to leave on a special flight last Wednesday. We miss him and it was hard for all of us, because he had to leave within 2 hours notice.

Alumni seeks refuge

An alumni was left behind be the team which evacuated from an area where the are under quarantine with out water. Because he could not go home to his family we offered him to stay at the retreat house. Two of his neighbors died and they don't know if it was Corona. They never got tested. So he has to be on a 2 week home quarantine. He is not allowed to come out. Nobody is allowed to visit him. Please pray for him, that he would not get bored all by himself.

LRF - Emergency Program

Things happened so fast, that we did not send our students home. So they are still on campus. We continue classes with staff living on campus. Dodong teaches Doctrine, Richard teaches Acts, Helen teaches Budgeting and I am teaching English.
We have class in the auditorium so that we can have the needed social distance. There is also nobody coming on campus from the outside, so we think we should be pretty ok.
Please pray for the students, some miss their families but cannot go home at the moment. They are all grounded on campus. We need wisdom to hold up their spirit. But it is a good training for them for their future which might be in an remote place all by themselves.


Promotion in 4 churches

The promotion went very well. We praise God for people who are interested to come to the LRF.

Alumni Conference (ABC) April 6 to 9

Had to be canceled because of the quarantine.

Youth Camp - April 27 to 30

We praise God for the support we got for the youth camp. We have the funds already to host 60 campers. Please pray that God would bring the young people he wants to come. We already got some registrations. Pray also for the speaker Jason Balagtey, as he prepares the message from God's word.

Student Exposure

In May, right after graduation our students will go on a 4 week exposure trip to Zamboanga. They will work with some alumni there. Please pray for the funding. We need about $200 or 10,000 Peso for each student for transportation and food.

Other Prayer Requests

English Teacher

Starting June this year we will need a new English teacher. Please pray that God would show us who he wants to do this job.

Our trip to Europe

We don't know what will happen. It depends on the development of the COVID-19 world wide situation.

Maintenance and Repairs

We praise God for the donations we got to repair the roof of our buildings the painting job is done and we pray that it will last another 20 years.
As soon as we get funds we will also get the doors repaired that are eaten up by termites and get the buildings painted to protect them.
Our computer server is still running with software from 2012. This needs to be updated but therefore we will need a new computer. Please would you pray that God would also provide for this need.

Tutor for Amos and Asaf

For the next school year starting August 2020 we do not yet have a tutor for Amos and Asaf. Would you pray for a man who would be willing to come to our lonely place and teach Amos in 10th grade and Asaf in 8th grade. It will be Amos final year in high school. If we have to do it ourselves it will take a lot of time. But if this is what God wants us to do we are also ready for it.

God bless you all. Thank you for standing with us in prayer!

The 4 As
Andreas, Angela, Amos and Asaf
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