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Staigmiller's News 259 from 09-20-2017 at 03.12 A.M. CET


  1. We arrived in Germany
  2. It is already over one month since we arrived in Germany. We furnished our appartment and Amos and Asaf had already their first week in school.

  3. Philippines

  4. We get good reports from the LRF. Everything seams to go smooth.
    The projects are making good progress.

  5. What's next:

  6. Andreas is at the Buchenauerhof (The home center of the DMG) to help prepeare for the DMG Fall Mission Festival (Herbstmissionsfest).We are also working on our schedule till Christmas. Where we will be mainly in our sending churches.


Our bodys arrived in Germany on August 16th after an uneventfull (praise God) journey. We started right away with putting up our cabinets and furniture in the appartment we could rent right above Andreas' parents. The boys are often downstairs with their grand parents. This is such a blessing for us.
The appartment is set up and we did some one day vacation trips while the boys had still vacation.
The warm welcome by our two church was so helpful to feel home again in Germany. But we feel how our hearts are torn back and forth between here and there.
Amos and Asaf had a good start in school and are so happy that they don't have to answer every question of the teacher.
We are so glad to be physically settled even if our mind and emotions are torn.

Philippines LRF

It makes it easier for us to be here, because things are going well at the LRF. The retreat center remodeling is almost done. Here are a few more pictures.

The new stove in the school kitchen got also build in. The oil always damaged the table and with the stainless steele it makes it mach easier to keep it clean.

The students are also doing well and we are so glad that Ed and Luanne are looking for the wellbeing of the staff.
Here a quick story what happend a week ago:
Jerwin's wife (he works in the farm and is a member of the FBBF fellowship) had a very difficult pregnancy. The doctor asked Jerwin whom should I save? The mother or the child? Jerwin told the doctor that they had prayed and that he trusts God to save both. Then they couldn't do the c-section because there had been no incubator for the baby available in any hospital in town. Later they did the cesarean and the baby was big enough so they didn't need a incubator and they are both doing very well.

What's Up Next

Andreas is at the Buchenauerhof. On Sunday will be the Fall Mission Festival. Angela and Amos and Asaf will be also coming on Sunday morning. You are welcome to join us in celbrating that "Jesus renews"!


We will continue after the festival to prepare our reports sermons and other activities for deputation. This seams to be specially hard this time. We asked ourselves, How can we pack 4 years in a 10 to 30 minute report? What are the people interested in to hear? How can we encourage the young generation to join the harvest force and to invest their money in God's work?
Thank you for praying with us that God would lead us with his Spirit so we would do what will honor him and advance the gospel.
The Staigmiller Family
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