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Staigmiller's News 285 from 11-05-2019 at 11.45 A.M. CET


  1. Happenings

  2. Thank you for all your prayers. God blessed all the events over the last few weeks:
    September 19, Andreas taught at Christar-Pre-Departure-Orientation
    September 22 to 29, Nadiya-Shashadara "Fox" Dasa was visiting us at the LRF - future director of LRF
    September 30 to October 6, Students had CEF training 2 (Child-Evangelism-Fellowship)
    October 8, 2nd quarter of class started with a prayer day
    October 25 to 27, Andreas taught a seminar at a church in Dipolog

  3. Marriage Workshop

  4. The marriage workshop was a real blessing for us.

  5. Changed Thoughts

  6. I was told in the past that one goal of our ministry should be financial independence from foreign donors. After evaluation and talking with different people I came to the conclusion that this is not possible.

  7. Translation

  8. We would like to get the book "Spiritual Survival Handbook for Cross-Cultural Workers" translated into Cebuano.

  9. Team Retreat

  10. We would like to go with our team on a short retreat to discuss the ending year and prepare for the new year.

Looking Back at God's faithfulness

Christar - PDO

I experienced God's guidance while teaching and I believe that the participants got a clear idea about God's plan and how to stay focused on him. Praise God for his faithfulness.

Visit of Fox

We had a great week together talking a lot about the situation of the LRF and possible future directions. Please continue to pray for the Dasa family as they prepare for moving to the Philippines by the end of 2020.

CEF Training

Our students had a very full week with classes from morning till evening. But that got equipped on how to teach and mentor saved children in their walk with Jesus. Now they will have to do their teaching exams.

Workshop in Dipolog

The time in Dipolog was a great blessing. The people enjoyed the workshop and expressed how it would help them in disciplining people by using the Discovery Bible Study Method.
We had a great time of mutual encouragement and God bless also the promotion of the LRF. Pray that God would call students for the next school year (starts July 2020).


Last week Angela and I attended a marriage workshop here at the LRF. This was challenging but very encouraging. We can already see positive results in our lives and relationship. We praise God for our Christar coworkers who came her to do this.
Over the next couple weeks we will have more workshops for our staff and also for our married and single Christar coworkers.

LRF change of goals

Through different Happenings and Conversations over the years we had the goal that the LRF should become financially independent from foreign donations. This put a lot of pressure on us here. During my almost burn out we started to evaluate things and it became clear that it was an unrealistic goal.
Our students and the high quality training we give them will always need outside support.
We had also been trying hard to make money in the farm but it became clear that the land we have is good for sustenance farming but not for making a lot of money to support the LRF.
It will continue to be exciting to see how God will provide through our brothers and sisters. And if we look back, he was always faithful.


Please pray as people are looking into how to translate the book "Spiritual Survival Handbook for Cross-Cultural Workers". We would like to make a course at the LRF to give our graduating students more survival tools for their ministry in some of the spiritually most difficult places in this world.

Team Retreat

Please pray that God would give us wisdom when to schedule our Team Retreat. If you would like to give towards this event please get in touch with me. We are hoping to be able to go away from the LRF for maybe 3-4 days so we could work on reviewing the last year and planning for the new year. There are also some reports for our organization which we should do.

Promotion in Rogongon

With a group of alumni I have been in Rogongon at a family church retreat. We promoted the ministry of the LRF and encouraged the people to send students. This church is among the Higaonon tribe. It was so encouraging to see many LRF alumni there who are faithful in ministry some already for many years.

Thank you for working with us on one team in reaching the least reached so that everybody will hear the Good News.

Yours in ChristThe 4 As
Andreas, Angela, Amos and Asaf
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