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Staigmiller's News 286 from 11-26-2019 at 1.53 P.M. CET


  1. Looking Back

  2. The Relational Care Workshops had been a huge blessing for everyone.

  3. Outlook next Happenings

  4. November 28/29 - Emotionally Healthy Leadership workshop
    December 18 to 21 - LRF-Team-Retreat
    December 22 to January 5 - Christmas Break for staff and students
    January 7 - Start of new quarter classes

  5. Translation

  6. We would like to get the book "Spiritual Survival Handbook for Cross-Cultural Workers" translated into Cebuano.

Looking Back

We are very glad for the Relational Care Workshops over the last weeks, which we hosted at the LRF - Retreat Center. We got very encouraging feed back from our staff and alumni. Thank you Dorothy, Thomas and Cheri for coming here and teaching this important truth to us. Now we need to apply it in our marriages and team relationships.

Outlook next happenings

Emotionally Healthy Leadership workshop

We will host a two day workshop for our students, staff and alumni. We expect around 30 participants. We ask God to bless this days, so that everybody would grow towards more maturity and fruitfulness.

We will take our team with their families to a nice place up in the mountains for a 3 day retreat.
We have four goals we would like to accomplish. Would you pray that God in his grace would give wisdom in the preparation and bless us when there.
1. We would like to grow in our relationships to the Lord and to each other.
2. We like to do our annual team-report for our organization. It will be a review of the ending year and planning for the new year.
3. We need to work on our contingency plan and review it what we will do in the event of an earthquake, bombing, kidnapping ....
4. Relax at a restful location, without internet, cellphone signal and other distractions.


Please pray as people are looking into how to translate the book "Spiritual Survival Handbook for Cross-Cultural Workers". We would like to make a course at the LRF to give our graduating students more survival tools for their ministry in some of the spiritually most difficult places in this world.

Thank you for working with us on one team in reaching the least reached so that everybody will hear the Good News.

Yours in ChristThe 4 As
Andreas, Angela, Amos and Asaf
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