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Staigmiller's News 287 from 12-16-2019 at 11.39 A.M. CET


  1. We praise the Lord Jesus

  2. The Emotionally Healthy Leadership workshop was a great blessing!
    On December 13th another class-quarter ended.
    For enough support in 2020 to do all the important things.

  3. Outlook next Happenings

  4. December 18 to 21 - LRF-Team-Retreat
    December 22 to January 5 - Christmas Break for staff and students
    January 7 - Start of new quarter classes

  5. Translation

  6. We would like to get the book "Spiritual Survival Handbook for Cross-Cultural Workers" translated into Cebuano.

  7. LRF Summer Camp at the LRF

  8. We will have the LRF Summer Camp for 16 years and above from April 27th to 30th, 2020.

Thank you Lord Jesus for what you did!

The Emotionally Healthy Leadership workshop was for all of us a huge blessing. For myself one thing stuck to my mind: Is "Our-Being-With-Jesus" sustaining "Our-Working-For-Jesus"?
Sometimes I am so busy working for Jesus and I am running on low fuel or do it in my own strength, because I did not prepare for it by Being-With-Jesus. Sometimes I read the Bible and pray but it is not time with Jesus. I am just doing my Christian duty. IJ need time to get quiet and relax in the presence of the Lord. "Be still, and know that I am God."
Please pray for all of us at the LRF, staff and students to grow in this skill.
Last Friday was the last day of class. The last quarter was very hard on the students. They often worked late hours to get their reports and assignments prepared. We praise God for his sustaining grace. Some even got sick during this time but God carried them through.
Thank you all who have been praying and supporting the ministry of the LRF. After a couple of very difficult month we are glad that we could do all the ministry, train and feed the students and started to do some maintenance projects. This gives us hope also for 2020.
We praise God for each one of you. THANK YOU!

Outlook next happenings


We will take our team with their families to a nice place up in the mountains for a 3 day retreat.
We have four goals we would like to accomplish. Would you pray that God in his grace would give wisdom in the preparation and bless us when there.
1. We would like to grow in our relationships to the Lord and to each other.
2. We like to do our annual team-report for our organization. It will be a review of the ending year and planning for the new year.
3. We need to work on our contingency plan and review it what we will do in the event of an earthquake, bombing, kidnapping ....
4. Relax at a restful location, without internet, cellphone signal and other distractions.

Christmas Break

Our students will leave on the 18th to go home to their families. Our staff will leave on the 21st. Most of them have duties in their churches over Christmas and New Year. Some are preaching, teaching children and reaching out to their unsaved relatives. Please pray that their hearts would be prepared and they will be a blessing to the people they are going to meet.

Start of new classes in January

In January starts a new quarter of classes with new subjects and a new teacher. Please pray for all to readjust to class and for the new teacher to adjust to the LRF schedule. He is a retired professor of the Marawi university and pastoring a church here in Iligan. We are so glad that he is willing to teach the doctrine class.
We will start the new schedule on January 7th with a day of prayer. Angela and I are going to lead and prepare it. Please pray for God's guidance, so that it will be a time in his presence that will put us in the right position for the new quarter.


Please pray as people are looking into how to translate the book "Spiritual Survival Handbook for Cross-Cultural Workers". We would like to make a course at the LRF to give our graduating students more survival tools for their ministry in some of the spiritually most difficult places in this world. Please pray for an easy to read and understandable translation that we could use for students and alumni.

LRF-Summer-Camp 2020

From April 27th to 30th 2020 will be the LRF-Summer-Camp. The theme will be "Where is your Treasure?". Our students will be promoting the camp in their churches during the Christmas break. If you know people 16 years and above here in the Philippines please invite them. The speaker will be Pastor Jason Balagtey from the City of Baguio. Registration Fee will be 300 Peso. If someone feels led by the Lord to sponsor the camp for people from impoverished and indigenous families please let us know.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a year 2020 where you grow in balancing "Being-With-Jesus" and "Doing-For-Jesus".

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

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