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Staigmiller's News 288 from 01-11-2020 at 08.59 A.M. CET


  1. We praise the Lord Jesus

  2. We had a great Team-Retreat, a quiet Christmas break with a guest from Germany and a good school start on January 7, with all staff and students back from vacation.

  3. Outlook next Happenings

  4. We will take our postponed vacation from 2019 this January.
    A new teacher for Amos and Asaf is applying.
    Year End work in the accounting department.
    A trip to Europa in July/August 2020 -> our future in 2021.

  5. Dhien Mart

  6. One of our students has chronic headache for a few weeks. The doctor is not sure what it is.

  7. Needed Repairs at the LRF

  8. The freezer is rosty and doesn't close properly. Should it be repaired, replaced?
    The roofs of the buildings are rusting.
    The doors in the buildings are eaten up by termites.
    Some buildings and rooms need a new painting.

  9. Translation

  10. We would like to get the book "Spiritual Survival Handbook for Cross-Cultural Workers" translated into Cebuano.

  11. LRF Summer Camp at the LRF

  12. We will have the LRF Summer Camp for 16 years and above from April 27th to 30th, 2020. We are looking for sponsors.

Thank you Lord Jesus for what you did!

We had a great team retreat in December. We had some fun time. Went to a zoo where our staff saw Tigers for the first time. We also had been able to to our annual team reports, contingency planning and preparation for the new year.
We had a quiet Christmas time with a friend from Germany staying with us. This was very nice also for our boys and their tutor, who feels sometimes a bit lonely.
Our students came back on last Monday and all our staff already during the weekend. We had a blessed day of prayer and fasting on Tuesday and Wednesday the classes started. We have a new teacher this quarter Pstr. Mike who is teaching the doctrine class.

Outlook next happenings

We will take our postponed vacation from 2019 this January.

We will take some vacation time at the end of January, which we had not been able to take last year because of different happenings. The tutor of our boys is going to go to a seminar in Thailand and so we will have some time as a family. Please pray for our staff for protection and wisdom while we are not there.

A new teacher for Amos and Asaf is applying.

Yesterday a new possible tutor for Amos and Asaf had their interview with the short term personnel director. Pray as they make a decision if he will be the next one coming in August.

Year End work in the accounting department.

Richard is working hard to get all the government financial year end requirements together for the government. Yesterday he had a lot of stress because on of the software which worked a year ago did not do what it is supposed to do. We need to reinstall some stuff on Monday.

A trip to Europa in July/August 2020 -> our future in 2021.

Angela and Andreas are invited to a ReVision retreat by our organization in July in England. It is about assessment of the past and present and getting clear goals for the future. Amos and Asaf will be with their grandparents during that time. We will also meet with our directors in Germany to talk about our possible future ministries in 2021. Please pray as we make schedules and flight arrangements.

Dhien Mart - 3rd year student

Please pray for Dhien Mart he has a bad headache for many weeks already. First we thought it is stress related but it continued during his Christmas break. A missionary doctor did a thorough check up and asked him now to write down what he does, eats, when he sleeps ... and if the headaches occur so that he could see if it is to food or sleep or stress related. Please pray for DM (his nick name) as he has to journal every day. We would like you to ask God two things. First to take the headaches miraculously away. Second if this is not God's plan for DM, that he would give the doctor wisdom if there is medical help and for the mean time, patience and God's grace for DM. That he would experience what Paul experienced that "My Grace IS enough for you".

Maintenance - Repairs

Our school facility is getting older and has some major maintenance needs. Because of lack of finances we didn't do much over the last years, but it cannot be postponed much longer without greater damage.
The roofs are rusting. The doors are eaten by termites. The freezer in the kitchen is rusted and the door doesn't close any more. Should it be replaced, repaired??
An engineer who is a believer from a neighboring city made a cost estimate for us which took my breath. It to fix everything we would need up to $15,000. This is a a huge amount for us. We would like to start as God provides the finances start in small steps with the most important parts.


Please continue to pray for the translation of the book "Spiritual Survival Handbook for Cross-Cultural Workers". We would like to make a course at the LRF to give our graduating students more survival tools for their ministry in some of the spiritually most difficult places in this world. Please pray for an easy to read and understandable translation that we could use for students and alumni.

LRF-Summer-Camp 2020

From April 27th to 30th 2020 will be the LRF-Summer-Camp. The theme will be "Where is your Treasure?". If you know people 16 years and above here in the Philippines please invite them. The speaker will be Pastor Jason Balagtey from the City of Baguio. Registration Fee will be 300 Peso. If someone feels led by the Lord to sponsor the camp for people from impoverished and indigenous families please let us know.

May our father in heaven bless you in this year 2020.

Grace and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.

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