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Staigmiller's News 293 from 05-05-2020 at 1.31 P.M. CET


  1. Current Situation

  2. General Community Quarantine - things getting a bit easier
    We had a little intern graduation ceremony
    Maybe the students could go home on Friday?

  3. Schedule we know nothing

  4. Everything had to be canceled.
    We don't know when and how classes could restart.

  5. Further Prayer Request

  6. English teacher starting July 2020
    Our trip to Europe in July/August - canceled
    Translation of "Spiritual Survival Handbook for Cross-Cultural Workers" to Cebuano
    Students for next school year
    Maintenance and Repairs
    Tutor for Amos and Asaf for 2020/21

Current Situation

General Community Quarantine

The situation is getting easier. Now 4 persons of each household are allowed to do the shopping. But only one at a time. We are allowed to do shopping on Tuesday and Friday. This keeps people in town limited.
The stores reopened and people are allowed back to work.


We had a little graduation ceremony for Diehn Mart on Saturday. Just the people who live on campus. Our board president and the parents joined trough video conference. It was a nice time for him.

Stundents going home

The two students from Iligan City got already picked up and are on their way home. The others had been to the city health office for a check-up and Richard is getting their travel passes from the mayor's office. We pray that they might be able to go home on Friday.


Everything on campus had to be canceled. The department of education made a tentative announcement that school may resume in September. So we do not know yet when the next school year will start.

Other Prayer Requests

English Teacher

We still need an English teacher for the next school year. Please pray that God would show us who he wants to do this job. Or would there be online curriculum that we could use, so they could study some of it by themselves?

Our trip to Europe

It got canceled.

Next School Year

Please pray for wisdom as we are not able to visit churches for promotions of the LRF. Pray for ideas how to make the school known and remind people about the need for laborers. Pray that God would call the people to come here that he wants to come. We don't know how things will look in two or three month.

Maintenance and Repairs

Now that we got some more donations and we might have a long summer. We might do some of the maintenance jobs ourselves. Please pray for wisdom and the right decisions.

Tutor for Amos and Asaf

For the next school year starting August 2020 we do not yet have a tutor for Amos and Asaf. Would you pray for a man who would be willing to come to our lonely place and teach Amos in 10th grade and Asaf in 8th grade. It will be Amos final year in high school. At the moment Angela and Andreas are doing the monitoring of their studies. They work a lot by themselves. So maybe God wants us to do it without a tutor. Please pray for His guidance.

School materials for Amos and Asaf

The German mail service does not accept packages for the Philippines. Therefor the correspondence school cannot send the materials for the next school year. Please pray for wisdom and that there will be a way to get the school books for the boys.

God bless you all. Thank you for standing with us in prayer!

The 4 As
Andreas, Angela, Amos and Asaf

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