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Staigmiller's News 294 from 05-19-2020 at 5.09 P.M. CET


  1. Current Situation

  2. General Community Quarantine - extended till at least end of May
    Students made it all home

  3. Schedule we know nothing

  4. Intern Workshops
    We don't know when the students come back
    We wish next school year could start July 17

  5. Further Prayer Request

  6. English teacher starting July 2020
    Our trip to Europe in July/August - canceled
    Translation of "Spiritual Survival Handbook for Cross-Cultural Workers" to Cebuano
    Students for next school year
    Maintenance and Repairs
    Tutor for Amos and Asaf for 2020/21
    School material for Amos and Asaf

Current Situation

Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ)

The MGCQ got extended till end of May. I personally expect that there might be some more extentions, as the surrounding municipalities have still new cases of the virus. We are thankful for the freedom we have on campus to room around and do our work and life.

Stundents went home

All our students had been able to go home. Some are in a 2 week house quarantine. I just talked to our newly graduated alumni. His siblings have no work and his parents are stuck in another city. He is glad to be home but it is hard they have very little to eat (only what they get from the government), like many people especially in the poorer areas. I encouraged him to look on Jesus focus on encouraging others, the Word and prayer.
It is a privilege that we have abundance here at the LRF. Nobody has to starve.


Two of our alumni had their wedding today. Only three guest had been allowed at the ceremony. Angela was there as one of the witnesses (and driver). We praise God that he made this possible in the middle of this troubling times.

Schedules - God knows what will be possible

Internal Seminars

Instead of hosting seminars and camps we are refreshing our own skills. Yesterday we started a series for us 4 couple living on campus about marriage. We had a seminar last year but a lot of the material was done very quick and in English so some of the information got lost and we also forget very easily what we learned. So after the first session yesterday the staff asked if we could do it weekly during the next couple month until the students will be able to come back.

We wish students could come back on July 17th

This might be just a dream. The government set the start for public schools for August 24. What we hope is, that people will be allowed to travel by July, so that the students could come on campus. They might be quarantined here (which we think would not be a real problem). Then we could start classes under implementing the social distancing requirements. After the 14 days of quarantine the students could mangle with each other as long as they don't leave campus (which we expect won't be possible any way till later this year).
Please pray for wisdom of our government as they make the rules and for us here in how to implement it for the best of our students.

Other Prayer Requests - please continue to pray - not many changes at the moment

English Teacher

We still need an English teacher for the next school year. Please pray that God would show us who he wants to do this job. Or would there be online curriculum that we could use, so they could study by watching videos and then doing exercises with some of our staff or by themselves?

New Students

Please pray for wisdom as we are not able to visit churches for promotions of the LRF. Pray for ideas how to make the school known and remind people about the need for laborers. Pray that God would call the people to come here that he wants to come. We don't know how things will look in two or three month. Here is a link to a youtube video about the LRF. Please share it with your friends and invite people to get in touch with us and enroll.

Maintenance and Repairs

We bought a couple gallons of paint today and we started already with painting the business office. It looks already almost like new. Then we will continue with the other offices, class rooms, auditorium and library. The the outside of the main building. We will need some advice on how to primer the outside walls as they are very dusty from the old paint.

Tutor for Amos and Asaf

For the next school year starting August 2020 we do not yet have a tutor for Amos and Asaf. Would you pray for a man who would be willing to come to our lonely place and teach Amos in 10th grade and Asaf in 8th grade. It will be Amos final year in high school. At the moment Angela and Andreas are doing the monitoring of their studies. They work a lot by themselves. So maybe God wants us to do it without a tutor. Please pray for His guidance.

School materials for Amos and Asaf

The German mail service does not accept packages for the Philippines. Therefor the correspondence school cannot send the materials for the next school year. We found a shipping company that still delivers within the Philippines. The school materials are already there and the container will be packed on May 20th. The ship will leave Rotterdam on May 28 and should be in Manila on June 29th. Then it will take 4 to 8 weeks for the shipment to arrive at our doorstep. Please pray that the container would make it in time to Manila and that the deliver to us would be quick and smooth.


We as a family are doing pretty well. But we miss leaving the house together for a quick trip to town to eat out or to the mall or a day at the beach or swimming pool. Our boys (because age below 20) are not allowed to leave campus. We learn to make the important things central to our lives. Through books I realized how we can focus on many things make our happiness dependent on it. Questions like the following are becoming essential: Where comes my joy from? What gives me meaning and fulfillment? How do you practice the Lord's command "Rejoice always - Give thanks always and for everything!"
Amos and Asaf are working hard to finish their classes mid June (1 month earlier than expected). After that they are on vacation until their books for the new school year arrive.

God bless you all. Thank you for standing with us in prayer!

The 4 As
Andreas, Angela, Amos and Asaf

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