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Staigmiller's News 296 from 07-30-2020 at 2.45 P.M. CET


  1. Students
  2. On July 17th the 6 third year students returned und 7 students for first year arrived. Despite a 2 week home-quarantine classes are possible.
  3. Teachers
  4. All 6 campus-staff and 4 external teachers are teaching this quarter.
  5. Correspondence school of Amos and Asaf
  6. The material arrived on Juli 28 and we will start class next week. No tutor for them.
  7. Projects
  8. The new pump is running very well!The main building is finished painting.Next is the kitchen and the doors on the main building.New computers for the business office.
  9. Illnes - Hospital
  10. Richard had an appendicitis operation last Friday. He is on sick leave for 4 weeks. Hospital bill 1800 Dollar.
  11. Practical Weekend Assignments
  12. The Saturday and Sunday church planting and cross-cultural exposure is not possible due to Covid-19 what should we do?

Students arrived

God answered your prayers! All students arrived safe on July 17. Those from outside of Iligan had to go through a rather tiring procedure. From the city border's check point they got a police escort to the city quarantine center. There they had to wait for their turn, which took a couple hours. At the end they were allowed to come on campus. They were accompanied by some city officials. They are placed under a 2 week home quarantine. After the city health officers checked our campus we had been allowed to start classes by wearing masks and keeping social distancing. What a blessing to have those big buildings and so little students. God knew from the beginning what he did. Without this huge buildings we could not to face-to-face classes. Praise God for his provision!


We praise God that we have teachers for all the subjects this quarter. All our teachers are doing this next to their other responsibilities and ministries. We have no full time teacher. Our staff are: Dodong FAITH-Gardening and Personal Spiritual Life; Helen with Angela Sowing; Richard Gospel of Mark; Marylan Computer; Bhong and Ghaga Filipino Spirit World; Andreas English. Then there are external teachers: Jack Church Administration; Reynold Literacy; Melicio Teaching Principles and Bible Study Methods and Rules of Interpretation; Grace from CEF Teaching Children.

Correspondence School Amos and Asaf

We are so glad that their school material arrived just in time form Germany. Even though the postal service did not accept packages to the Philippines for a couple weeks. A shipping company forwarded the boxes by ship so after 10 weeks travel they got here last Tuesday. Will start their classes next week. We have no tutor this time so we moved their desks to Andreas' office so the three can work together and Andreas could assist them as needed. This will be a new challenge for all of us. Angela will be the one to step in when Andreas is away and study with them for the exams.


We see God's hand in all of this. Our untrained kitchen staff, our driver Cocoy and an alumni who found Covid-19 asylum here did all the paint! GREAT JOB. The building looks like new. We praise God for his protection even when working on a high scaffolding.
Now Cocoy and Dandan are working on the kitchen. Next would be the doors of the main building. Andreas would love to do it himself but his time is so limited. Let's pray for wisdom how to do it.
The computers of the business office are still running on Windows XP and need to be replaced also the server is an old machine and can hardly handly its load. Please pray for the finances to replace them and wisdom how to do it.

Illness and Hospital

Richard was admitted to the hospital last Friday. In the evening he had an appendicitis operation. We are glad for available funds from donors we could use to help him pay the hospital bill of 1800 Dollar. He is now on a 4 week sick leave. Please pray for him for a good recovery and for Marylan who does his office work for him.... The students have to do self studies on the book of Mark!

Practical Weekend Assignments

Because of the Covid-19 rules we are very limited on what we can do with the students. They are not able at the moment to do their church planting and cross-cultural exposure. We need wisdom what to do with them. Some ideas are to see if they could join our missionary doctors on their medical outreaches or doing online evangelism. We need ideas and wisdom from God.

God bless you all. Thank you for standing with us in prayer!

The 4 As
Andreas, Angela, Amos and Asaf

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